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"We are going on a bear hunt"

We all got into our new minibus and departed the HQ at 8:30am.  After being dropped off at the Tatton house at 9am, the Cub Scouts completed a treasure hunt looking for answers to questions, taking part in a scavenger hunt and a looking for a few Bears along the way! The route took us across the park, including walking amongst the deer and visiting some of the main features before arriving on the outskirts of the campsite at the:

Tatton Fair

Simply our own fairground right on the site! They tried the rides, played the games and ate some candy floss or popcorn. The most popular was the coconut shy and after numerous attempts quite a few of our cubs won coconuts to take home. Some even named theirs ("Coco", "Brian"). After about an hour at the fair we had our packed lunch which we had sitting under a tree whilst the rain poured down! Spirits were raised with a quick trip to the tuck shop for a sugar rush before heading onto:

Tatton Activites

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All had took on the the climbing wall and had great fun, before moving to to taking part on the fire lighting race where we had to light a fire with just a flint stone and cotton wool.

Born Survivor 

After donning our "Rambo" style headers, we all had the chance to learn and experience what it is like to be a true survivor. Completing activities and learning new survival skills like how to light and cook on a fire, build a shelter, collect water and signal for help. We then moved onto:

Cheshire Show

A District led zone where each activity represented what makes that District special. Found out more about the other Districts that make up Cheshire and popped into your own District to show your support. Biscuit making, wood painting and paintballling all went down a bundle. Now came the high point of the day (putting aside the coconut shy).

Arena Show

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At about 3:30pm everyone gathered in the main arena for acts, music and look out for the helicopter! At about 4:15pm all eyes turned to sky as the sound of an approaching helicopter was heard. The helicopter dropped behind some trees and after a few minutes the Bear arrived in the arena.

After a short hello from the stage, he dived into the arena area and made his winding way through the Cubs and Scouts who formed a snaking route so that everyone had the chance to be within a couple offeet.

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Lots got signatures on neckers,bits of paper and whatever they had to hand.

After a farewell few word from the stage, it was back to the helicopter and into the sky.

We then went back to the fair to get more coconuts before our District Support team provided a much needed enrgy boost with burgers and hotdogs.  After a long but exciting day then we left site for home at 7:20pm.


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