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Headquarters too small, more space needed!

By 2006, the number of young people in each section attending has risen to 30 and the 6m by 10m main hall was getting very crowded.  Therefore, the decision was taken to raise funds to extend the building.  

Due to significant funding provided by Vale Royal Council, along with donations from past members, local businesses and various fund raising activites, the Group Executive Committee were able to authorise the appointment of a local building contractor in Mid-2008.  The Group is especially grateful to Vale Royal Council for the generous of the grant and to the Dicoses of Chester for approving a further 15 year extension to the lease without which the grant would not have been possible.

new extension_1_20111026_2022149886  new extension_2_20111026_1225139912 

The building work commenced in winter 2008, consisting of an extension to the eastern and northern sides of the existing building which aimed at doubling the size of the main hall, whilst adding on a new kitchen, leader's room and toilets to the north eastern corner of the building.

As part of the refurbishment of the section of the building, the back room was converted into a store for chairs, tables and section equipment.  The original entrance had the old kitchen was removed and improved coat and boot storage, and waiting area provided for those picking up at the end of the night's session instead of waiting outside.

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